Sweet Food is in principle something redundant like playing.
We love it, although it is perhaps not always good for us.
Sweet food is often associated with something desire-full, sexual, forbidding, a luxury but it also serves as something comforting, a reward, a gift. Beyond that we know chocolate- bars and other dainties also as "nerve food", as "survival ration", something for the physical and mental "emergency".



A popular way to give pleasure to a person is to give or prepare for him something sweet.
In all these situations sweet food represents something special.

The project "Süßes Glück - So Sweet" is a journey through the world of sweets and a research expedition, which examines the interaction between sweetness, our senses, our life and our soul.


Concept and Design
Anna Karina Birkenstock

Student of Media Art at the
Staatlichen Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Thank You to all who share their love for sweetness with me and helped me filling this site.
Anna Karina Birkenstock